KittyBerry Interviews Edward from Vortex on Vertu Prime!

Vortex on Vertu Prime by Andrew J. Harvey was on tour at Blackberry and you can read more about it here!

KittyBerry: Edward, we both have luscious fur and like to boss around others, though cats are only good at protecting food. How did you become so good at being a bodyguard? You were assigned to protect a princess, so you must be exceptional at it.

Edward: You do indeed have luscious fur, KittyBerry. Can I ask if it changes color like mine? To answer your question why (I’m such a good bodyguard), it was the reason for my existence, and I was designed to be the best.

KittyBerry: Museums! Yes, or no?

Edward: No, because they might put me back in it! Afterall, a Museum had me on display when I was stuck in my stasis bubble, even if they didn’t know it.

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