Fluffy is on tour! YAY! And we have a super cute interview with the illustrator Nivya Kuriakose + a super fun worldwide giveaway of a paperback!

Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink

by Chris Roy; illustrated by Nivya Kuriakose


The illustrations in Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink are so adorable they could be Happy Meal toys. Lovely, brilliant work! When you were getting your ideas for what these characters would look like, did you have a favorite? 

I always try to make my characters extra cute! I believe thats the essence of children’s books. Princess fluffy being a fictional character was a challenge for me and I imagined her to be plump and furry. Came up with few different versions, at the end settled for the cutest and fluffiest version! 

What’s your process? Did you read the story and immediately see this character in your mind’s eye, or did the character develop over the course of the drawing? 

I read the story and the first step is to create the main character, make it to perfection. Insights and feedback from the author also helps during the process.

What medium do you prefer? Pencils paints, or digital? 

For children’s book illustration I prefer digital because of the ease of exporting it and making it print ready. But for individual illustrations I love using my color pencils.

Why kid lit art? Out of all the styles of art, all the mediums and tools, what makes a highly talented artist like you choose to specialize in illustrations for children’s books? 

I started my art journey with acrylic/oil paintings. I love doing it but always had a soft spot for cute little things. I started creating these illustrations with a touch of humor and it got accepted well! Thats how I got my first book project and ever since there was no looking back. 

Where can we find you and your work?

I am active on social media. Here is my instagram: https://instagram.com/illustrations_by_nivya

And also my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/nivyakuriakose


Did you pay attention to KittyBerry’s clues? They are important!

Let’s play! Find the clickable KittyBerry hidden in the cover below (that’s the only clickable image for this giveaway!) and click on her to open the giveaway page. Use your email address to enter the giveaway!

The paperback will be sent as a courtesy by the author. The giveaway is worlwide and open for everybody (it’s not needed to be a BerryReviewer or have joined the book tour). Entries will close on March 28 at 0h EST.

Know more about the book tour of Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink here.

Read the sample on Amazon. There is a cute 8.5 x 8.5 inches paperback available. The ebook is available now for $1.99, and it’s interactive; parents or kids can tap the Kindle’s screen to make the illustrations and text pop up, or it can remain enlarged and viewed with swipes.

If you are interested in getting a digital review copy after the tour or you are not a BerryReviewer, please contact us at blackberry@blackerrybooktours.com

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