Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink

by Chris Roy

February 28 – March 03

Chapter book, 32 pages.

Link for the book

Princess Fluffy wasn’t accepted as royalty. She didn’t have colorful fur like her sisters. Even her own parents, the King and Queen, treated her like a common Plumpkin.

After many attempts to change the color of her fur, Princess Fluffy discovered that looking like a common Plumpkin had its advantages, and was able to do what her brother the Prince couldn’t — save the royal family from winter doom.

The Kingdom named her a hero, but does that make her a real princess?

Brimming with motivation and uplifting moments, this story is great for kids that may be experiencing difficulties with obesity, body shaming, or racial issues — or simply enjoy fairytales and lots of pink!

“Fluffy and pink. No need to say more! This is a wonderful modern fairytale about belonging, acceptance and self-love. I can’t cope with so much cuteness.” – Carola Schmidt, bestselling children’s author and science writer

About the author

Chris Roy was raised on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. He is a boxing trainer, and a tattoo artist.

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