Bro & Puffzilla Interview Leonie Rogers

Leonie Rogers is the author of Amethyst Pledge. You can take a look at her book and join the book tour here.

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Bro: I realize goats aren’t exactly known for hunting, but could I be a Hunter in the Albatar war?

Leonie Rogers: Well Bro, some of the goats I’ve met have magnificent horns, so if the Lady calls you, perhaps you’d already have built in weapons! Besides, goats are tough, gritty, and get the job done! I’m not sure how you’d go riding a horse, though. Can you ride a horse? 

Puffzilla: Leonie darling, I love that Kazari is a short and stocky 15 year old girl. If I were a character in this book, Kazari would have to save me for sure. Do gorgones eat poodles?

Puffzilla, the sad, sad, answer, is yes – gorgones do eat poodles. In fact, they even…spoiler alert for Dark Days, the sequel to Amethyst Pledge…eat puppies…They’re seriously evil.

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