Crayola Facebook Live Event! Book tour & giveaways for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

Crayola & Carola

Crayola will host a 45 minute Facebook Live event on September 1st, 2021, that will feature author Carola Schmidt talking about her book and cancer awareness, followed by a reading of the book by Joey and Tonya Madia, from the fabulous Saturday Morning Story Time. The second half of the event will be a draw-along with illustrator Dian Ovieta: kids watching from classrooms all over the world will be taught to draw a scene from the book, while Dian talks about the process.

Crayola and Carola are sponsoring 2 giveaways: Reviewers that signup for the tour can subscribe here for a Rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win a paperback copy of the book, plus a Crayola Create-to-Learn kit; a second giveaway for the same prizes will be offered to the teachers participating in the Facebook Live Event, who can subscribe here

Crayola and Carola will also donate 5 books to children’s cancer institutions chosen by reviewers and teachers; we’ll provide a list of institutions to choose from, and the 5 most chosen will receive the books, plus 5 Crayola Colors of the World crayon classpacks.

From Crayola: “The institutions would have individual boxes they can take room to room or give to an individual child. Our diversity and inclusion messages of Colors of the World are perfect for helping kids feel comfortable with their bald, beautiful heads.”

Join us and we’ll send you a free ebook to review! We ask reviewers to please post the Facebook Live Event invite on their various platforms with their reviews. Here is the link — please mark that you are going!

Teachers, it’s unlikely you’ll have your class online to watch it live. Please catch it at your convenience. You can find it on the Video tab of the Crayola Facebook Page.

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl

By Carola Schmidt; illustrated by Dian Ovieta

September 1 – 30

  • Purchase link:
  • Genre: Children’s picture book
  • Print length: 27 Pages
  • Age range: 4 – 100+ years
  • Formats available for the Tour: pdf, mobi and epub [sorry, no paperbacks]

If you would be interested in joining this tour as a reviewer, please contact us using the SIGN-UP FORM at the end of the page.

About Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl

Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl” is an inspiring and lovely illustrated letter for girls of any age who will go or already are bald. It’s a perfect gift to send love to a powerful girl who needs to be reminded of how beautiful and loved she is. It’s not a book that explains scientific conditions, disease, and treatment. It’s about love, beauty, happiness, and friendship when going through various changes in our lives.

Bald is Beautiful comes like a hug, and it’s the perfect gift for girls aged 4-100 years and up.

This book is ideal for:

  • Girls and women who are fighting cancer
  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month gifts
  • Pink October gifts
  • Cancer Awareness gifts
  • Children receiving chemo for leukemia, lymphoma or another hematological disease
  • Chemotherapy gifts
  • Hat/ scarf party gifts
  • Kids with any type of alopecia (totalis, universalis, etc)
  • Kids’ cancer books for hospitals
  • Temporary or permanent hair loss
  • Hair loss related or not to cancer treatment

Hey, girl,
You’re beautiful…

Life is bitter, but it’s also sweet.
No matter your age or where you are, you can achieve your dreams.

You just need to accept yourself and be proud of who you are.
Life brings us challenges all the time.

I heard you’ll go or maybe you are already bald.
You know what?

Bald is powerful,
Bald is feminine,
Bald is delicate,
Bald is beautiful,
Bald is lovely,
Bald is strong.


About the Authors:

Carola Schmidt is a pediatric oncology pharmacist, scientific writer and children’s book writer.

Author of several books in pediatric oncology published by Springer Nature. Her scientific books are present in lists such as BookAuthority’s Best Pharmacy Books of All Time, Best New Pharmacy Books and Best New Pharmacy eBooks, and Springer Highlights 2020. Author of several kids’ books about cancer, such as Bald is Beautiful: A letter for a fabulous girl, Cancer Daily Life, Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a teddy bear who beat cancer (listed by BookAuthority as one of the “81 Best Leukemia Books of All Time”.) She is also the author of Babushka Series, her first children’s books that are not about cancer.

Dian Ovieta is a children’s book illustrator who is really in love with anything about children’s world.

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