Discover “Princess Fluffy’s Enchanted Journey” on Kindle Vella

We’re excited to introduce “Princess Fluffy’s Enchanted Journey” by Max Adventure, now available on Kindle Vella, Amazon’s innovative platform for serialized stories.

But what is Kindle Vella? Launched by Amazon in 2021, Kindle Vella offers stories in short, episodic installments. The first three episodes of any story are free, and subsequent ones require tokens to unlock. Readers can interact with stories by giving them a “thumbs up” or “faving” them.

Our delightful short story features the endearing character Princess Fluffy Plumpkin (character of Princess Fluffy Plumpkin Eats Pink by Chris Roy, ilustrated by Nivya Kuriakose and published by Blackberry Publishing), ready to whisk you away on a magical, pink-filled adventure! If you enjoy it, don’t forget to show your support by “faving” the story.

For authors, publishing on Kindle Vella is straightforward, with the ability to create and publish your stories directly from your KDP dashboard. However, it’s essential to note that stories must be original and not previously published as a book or long-form content.

Join us in the captivating world of “Princess Fluffy’s Enchanted Journey” on Kindle Vella here. Happy reading!

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