Bro & Puffzilla Interview Philip Barker

Philip Barker is the author of Climb and Climb Harder. You can join the tour for Climb Harder here.

Bro: I come from a long line of mountain climbers. Have you ever seen a goat climbing, Philip? It’s incredible. I don’t know how to carry Puffzilla with me, though. Any tips to help a poodle climb?

Philip Barker: Ummm… that’s definitely something I have never been asked before. Goats definitely take the cake as the best climbers. Those guys are amazing! What they do is actually really similar to what we humans do when we climb. They watch their feet and take their time, slowly making their way up super steep mountains. A poodle would probably be a really good climber. You would just need to keep in control, stay strong and focus. Your little poodle paws would be great on the tiny edges, although trying it out in a gym definitely wouldn’t hurt before heading onto a giant mountain.

Puffzilla: Will I need to trim my nails?

Only if you are wearing super tight climbing shoes, but if you are new that shouldn’t be a problem. Just get some comfy ones and have as much fun as you can!  Go to your nearest climbing shop and ask for some beginner shoes, they should cost you about $60. Don’t get silly tight ones until you know it’s something you want to stick with. I just bought my first proper tight pair and I’ve been doing it for years. Also, you may never want them. Climbing is fun even when you aren’t pushing grades (doing harder climbs). You can just do nice, beautiful, easy climbs that are more for the ‘experience’ than the challenge. It’s totally ok and lots of people do that.

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