Bro & Puffzilla Interview Pete Mesling

Pete Mesling is the author of The Maker-Man of Merryville. You can take a look at his book and join the book tour here.

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Bro: If I was a middle-grade fantasy goat, would I have to be a kid again?

Pete: Hey, Bro! I think the real question here is, Why did you let yourself grow up in the first place? That was mistake number one. 

Puffzilla: In this story, Mixie is a fearsome queen. My favorite character. Is she a poodle like me?

Pete: Dearest Puffzilla, you are wise to fear Queen Mixie, but I’m afraid she’s not much like a poodle. More like a mean cat with the bite of a Doberman and the look of a starving wolf.

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