Bro & Puffzilla Interview Michael Botur

Michael Botur is the author and one of the illustrators of My Animal Family. You can take a look at his book and join the book tour here.

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Bro: I come from a long line of goats that could have been professional athletes, if climbing mountains was a sport. Are there any goats in My Animal Family?

Michael: There’s a mountain climber, that’s me, and there are something like 100 species referred to in the book, but not many ungulates represented. 

Puffzilla: Whatever. In my animal family, we are treated as royalty, constantly on tour from one dog show to the next. If you had poodles in your book, would they be properly groomed?

Michael: Nope. I would encourage them to return to the form of their wild wolf ancestor. Did you know domesticated dogs and wolves are essentially the same thing, with few genetic differences? Amazing. 

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