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KittyBerry: If Cathy, Alan, and Yvonne were berries, what berries would they be? Why?

Valinora: Yvonne would be a goji berry, good for you but a bit of an acquired taste! Cathy would be a strawberry, sweet. Alan would a raspberry, a little less juicy, but still sweet. 

KittyBerry: Let’s play a questions game! Coffee or Tea?

Valinora: Coffee all the way!

KittyBerry: Yellow, blue, or pink?

Valinora: Pink (always my favourite colour)

KittyBerry: Books with matte or glossy covers?

Velinora: Glossy – I like the shine!

KittyBerry: KittyBerry, Katy Perry, or Halle Berry?

Valinora: Too easy – KittyBerry of course!

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