Stranded on Castaway Island

by Amy Laundrie

August 22-25

YA, 252 pages.

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After a sudden storm turned what should have been a quick boat ride into a nightmare, Annie is shipwrecked on a remote island near Nova Scotia with her ex-best friend Mirra. Learning to survive together would have been easier if they could get along—not possible after the hurtful words neither can forget. Annie and Mirra’s only company is a herd of wild horses—or that’s what the 14-year-old girls think at first. But when they discover still warm embers from a campfire and man-sized footprints, they know they’re not alone. Someone is watching them. Why is he hiding? Why doesn’t he help them? When he does reveal himself, he leaves them with even more questions.

The premise of this book is awesome—two ex-best friends get stranded on an isolated island and must rely on each other to survive. The author executed this plot brilliantly. Not only do we immediately like the main character, Annie, and want good things for her, but we also don’t hate Mirra—even while we don’t like what she did. (…)

– Valerie B. Johnson, on Amazon

About the author

Amy Laundrie is the author of Laugh, Cry, Reflect: Stories from a Joyful Heart and twelve books for young readers. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking with her beloved dog, playing tennis and pickleball, and
walking the beach where she can imagine seeing more of Annie, Mirra, Roman, and Sea Stallion.

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