Sora Searches For a Song

by Once Upon a Dance

May 9-12

Chapter book, 30 pages.

Brand new book about to be released.

Once Upon a Dance donates all proceeds to charity.

“As the symphony floated above, Sora searched deep inside for a song. But nothing came. Melodies tickled across Sora’s toes, legs, and back as the little cricket searched in vain for a song. Then a stern voice pierced the night, and the music stopped. “Someone’s not singing.”

“Together with Sora, readers will observe how strength of will and belief in oneself can lead to beautiful outcomes.” The illustrations “enchantingly capture the essence of the outside world and the colors it contains.”
—Mary Lanni, Librarian Reviewer

Readers are invited to stretch, balance, jump, and move along with all the creatures in this delightful story of perseverance and celebrating your own unique voice. An enchanting resource for kindergarten and first-grade classroom, dance teachers, and families at home.

About the authors

Once Upon a Dance offers movement, breath, joy, connection, and imagination through stories.

Their catalog of 25 interactive dance books highlights positive messages and role models throughout four main series:
📖 Dance-It-Out! stories combine whimsical tales with movement and subtle life lessons (spans ages 4-9)
📖 Dancing Shapes peeks at a professional ballerina’s journey, teaches ballet, and explores detail and form (spans ages 6-11) 
📖 Ballet Inspiration and Choreography Concepts deep dives into technique, tips, and insight for aspiring dancers (ages 8-12)
📖 Prop-Based Dance Stories for Classroom and Anytime Fun debuts in 2023 to encourage scarf and parachute play.

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