Princess Naomi Helps a Unicorn by Once Upon a Dance

December 5-8

Picture book, 33 pages.

Once Upon a Dance donates all proceeds to charity.

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Unicorns and Horses and Snakes, oh my!

Interactive movement wrapped up in a charming story of sibling angst, anger management, compassion, and triumph.

Fed up with her annoying sister, Naomi storms out of the castle, only to discover a unicorn in need of help. With a sense of purpose, she quickly forgets her anger.

Ballerina Konora is featured on each page as optional movement guide for kids who want to get up and dance.

Movement, technique, and dance concepts in this story:

  • chassé forward
  • chassé sideways
  • leaps (grand jetés)
  • rond de jambe
  • leg lifts
  • cobra (back stretch)
  • twisting
  • muscle activation – on/off muscles
  • moving with emotion
  • concept of open/closed
  • concept of powerful movement
  • concept of low/medium/high

Themes include sibling friendship, managing emotions, empathy, and forgiveness.

About the authors

Once Upon a Dance offers movement, breath, joy, connection, and imagination through stories.

Their catalog of 25 interactive dance books highlights positive messages and role models throughout four main series:
📖 Dance-It-Out! stories combine whimsical tales with movement and subtle life lessons (spans ages 4-9)
📖 Dancing Shapes peeks at a professional ballerina’s journey, teaches ballet, and explores detail and form (spans ages 6-11) 
📖 Ballet Inspiration and Choreography Concepts deep dives into technique, tips, and insight for aspiring dancers (ages 8-12)
📖 Prop-Based Dance Stories for Classroom and Anytime Fun debuts in 2023 to encourage scarf and parachute play.

Once Upon a Dance was named a top 10 author of 2022 by Outstanding Creator Awards, and they’ve been honored by over 40 book awards, 1000+ 5-star reviews, and a Kirkus Star. They donate all royalties to charities supporting the arts, animals, environment, or people. Visit for more info.

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