KittyBerry Interviews Katy

KittyBerry: I can sing, but I can’t sing AND dance! Every time I sing my fur puffs out, and I lose my balance. Any advice? 

Katy: I find a spot on the wall and focus on that. It really stops me toppling over when I dance, especially when I’m doing high kicks!

KittyBerry: I can make TikTok videos, but I’m scared to sing at our school’s talent show. Do you get stage fright? 

Katy: I sniff catnip before a show, which calms me right down. You should try it! 

Katy is the star of Katy on Broadway, the first book in the Kitty in the City series, by Ella English. You can join the book tour and read more about Katy On Broadway and Ella here. You can join the giveaway for a chance to win a hardcover here.

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