KittyBerry Interviews Mawson Bear

KittyBerry: What did you dream last night?

Mawson Bear: I dreamed that I rolled off my cushion all the way to the fridge that has the honey and berries inside it.

I tried to open the dream fridge but it turned into a huge white floppy pillow and I toppled on to it and fell asleep and I dreamed of finding wild  berries inside a pillow-fridge and .. errr .. I woke up and …I errrrr ..  umm… Where am I? Is this all a dream, Kitty Berry?

KittyBerry: … Or I could be a bold muse like Frilly. Do I need to become a wild kitty to be bold? Maybe a Wild KittyBear-ry?

Mawson Bear: All kitties can be bold. As Frilly showed, you just have to set off on your quest and the Boldness will be with you.

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